This blog is dedicated to women who have encountered unplanned pregnancy and wish to seek at home or herbal methods to miscarry. I will be posting on personal experiences, mostly about vitamin c and the del-em (AKA menstrual extractor). I decided to make this blog because I know when I first started my herbal journey, I did not think that any of these methods would work. In fact, I thought it sounded crazy. However, I have found they can work if executed properly. I also built a working del-em, and I realized the internet is in much need of that information. I wanted to share my experiences with other troubled women. Please know that I am not a doctor or even a nurse. My medical knowledge is limited to personal research and experience. Everything I write about should be done by willing participants who have an understanding that what they are doing could potentially be dangerous as anything else. However, research shows these procedures can be as safe and less invasive as a medical abortion.